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June 13, 2021


WAR and Eddie Burke in the Same Room. (Updated with Notes)

None other than Alaska’s ex-almost-Attorney General Wayne Anthony Ross will be the special guest on KBYR with Eddie “you’re all a bunch of socialist baby-killing maggots”  Burke today. If you’re into some crazy dark energy, tune in! He’s scheduled to be on at 4:00pm Alaska time. (5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern) You can Listen Live HERE. Annnnd, if you’re feeling brave, you can call in! 907-274-5297 for locals, and toll free  866-610-5297. ************************************************************** Here’s my paraphrasing from notes I took while listening in the car.  You’ll get the idea. Burke welcomed Ross and then a “Breaking News” flash.  The ethics complaint…

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Palin Explains Ross’ Defeat – It’s the Bloggers, Stupid.

We all know that Governor Palin was quite taken with the idea of having Wayne Anthony Ross as her new Attorney General.  He apparently had all the things Alaskans look for in a candidate for the head of the Department of Law. “I believed I knew what Alaskans wanted when I selected an individual who is a strong backer of 2nd Amendment rights, a staunch supporter of the state Constitution and a defender of life,” Governor Palin said. “Wayne Anthony Ross supports responsible, ethical development of Alaska’s rich resources. And we all know that for the first time ever, a…

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