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June 14, 2021


Wisconsin GOP Voter Fraud? You Decide.

By Patrick DePula Madison, WI. During election season in Wisconsin it is common for legislative staffers to take a leave of absence and work on campaigns around the state.  For a couple of months they are assigned to a candidate who may not live in their home district, and in many cases, act as campaign managers. In November of 2010 a republican legislative staffer, who in the past has worked for Rep. Mike Huebsch(Now DOA Secretary) and currently works for Rep. Warren Petryk, was assigned to the Dennis Clinard campaign in LaCrosse, WI.  This staffer owns a home in Madison…

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Rotundaville and Other Updates from the Cheddar Revolution

Madison, Winsonsin – It’s a community called Rotundaville. It boasts a medical clinic/dispensary manned by capable folks who know first aid, a food preparation/pantry area, a communal charging station for electronics, its own Facebook page, and even a family respite center. It’s a village unto its own that functions 24 hours per day, under the persistently glowing lights inside the capitol dome. And it is home to an eclectic group of dedicated volunteers who care for the sick, provide food, coordinate cleaning crews, and most importantly, occupy this normally staid symbol of Wisconsin State government in protest of Governor Scott…

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Former UA Professor Receives Cook Inletkeeper’s Highest Award

A Commentary By Susan B. Andrews and John Creed KOTZEBUE—Finally, he’s getting a dinner. For almost 30 years, Rick Steiner toiled away at the University of Alaska, rising through the ranks to become one of the most accomplished, high-profile professors in the history of UA’s Marine Advisory Program. But when Professor Steiner left our state’s public university system earlier this year, the employer to which he dedicated virtually his entire career showed him less regard than it would a temp. Most UA faculty members who rise to the rank of “full” professor and serve as long as Steiner are conferred…

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Anchorage Assembly Meeting 2011 Budget – What are People Saying? (Live blogging)

I’m here at the Assembly Chambers as public testimony is being taken on the Anchorage municipal budget. (See previous post)  I’ll try to hit the highlights for those of you who couldn’t make it.  There is a long line of people waiting to testify and the room is packed to standing room only. Guy in weird hat and American flag scarf thinks the mayor is doing a great job. Thinks the Assembly should buy their own lunch. Quoting from a book “citizens are a milk cow ready to give buckets of money… absurd taxes, bla bla bla.” 18th Century, Declaration…

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APOC Staff tries to (mostly) give Rep. Bill Thomas Campaign a pass–My testimony for today's hearing

UPDATE – For those who are interested in listening to the hearing, the information can be found HERE. Teleconference number 1-800-315-6338, Code 4176#1 ********* Everyone may remember a few weeks back when I filed an APOC complaint against Rep. William Thomas, Jr. (R–Haines). I posted about the APOC Complaint I had filed against the re-election campaign of Representative Bill Thomas, Jr. Here is the complaint as listed on the APOC website. The complaint is in response to a newspaper advertising campaign consisting of 17 ads which ran in the Chilkat Valley News during the weeks leading up to the election: …Upon…

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Murkowski Decision Coming Friday

It’s starting to feel like the longest primary ever. Friday, according to her campaign, Lisa Murkowski will make a decision about whether to launch a write-in campaign for the Senate seat, or whether she will bow out of the race to lick her wounds and contemplate her next move. “Everyday Alaskans from all walks of life have approached me urging that I stay in the race. First and foremost I want to thank them for their outpouring of support. Advisors and friends had urged me to find a way to get my name printed on the ballot at all costs….

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Joe Miller Thinks You’re Not Very Smart.

By Legal Eagle Apparently, Joe Miller doesn’t read The Mudflats.  Or if he does, he skips over my posts because he has already “mastered the law” (insert sarcastic chuckle).  So what is our favorite divorce lawyer saying today?  To paraphrase – screw the Alaska Constitution and Statehood Act, we want our land back! Yes, Mr. Miller still hasn’t learned his lesson (or stopped talking in the third person, but that’s a separate, non-legal issue).  He recently told his hometown paper that despite the inflammatory Teabagger rhetoric that he used during the primary, he’ll request money from the federal government until…

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Politics v. Policy – The Wrong Side Wins With Berkowitz’s “Visionary Plan”

Until last week, we believed that both Democratic candidates for governor were good choices. We believed that both put the interests of Alaskans first, supported Democratic achievements, and could be effective leaders working across the aisle to pass legislation and to support policy and existing legislation that benefited the people of Alaska. Many of our readers support Hollis French. Many of our readers support Ethan Berkowitz.  But very few had substantial angst about the other. But last week something happened that rocked the boat, and by ‘rocked the boat’ we mean pitched the boat to the point where a lot…

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