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October 24, 2021


Muni Played Favorites With Ballots (*Update*)

In last week’s installment of the Municipality of Anchorage’s continuing 2012 Election debacle, new Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones made a disturbing find while attempting to (quite literally) clean up the old Municipal Clerk’s mess…141 unaccounted-for ballots. This has led the trusty Election Commission to meet this coming Thursday and review the ballots they missed the first two times around. While all of that has been going on, members of our Recount Observation Team have continued to research and slowly pursue the auditing process the Municipality has refused to provide. …and it’s been free of charge… The latest bombshell was discovered…

Deputy Municipal Clerk, Jacqueline Duke Terminated. Let the Recount Begin.

This morning, the recount of 15 precincts of the Anchorage Municipal election began. Ten registered voters signed a petition for the recount, and $1500 was collected to begin the process. Each $100 bought one precinct. The Mudflats’ Linda Kellen-Biegel and Bent Alaska’s Mel Green were two of the ten signers, and are both present right now as the counting begins. You can follow Linda’s Twitter feed @celticdiva for updates and pictures. Here’s what we know so far: As of  8:34 this morning, Deputy Municipal Clerk Jacqueline Duke was present in the counting room. Yes, the same Jacqueline Duke who instructed…