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June 15, 2021


Open Thread – Behind Curtain #1

It’s a gorgeous day here in the valley. The sun is sunning, and the clouds are clouding, and the sky is blue. And imagine my surprise when I parted the curtains and … Brian! He’s looking drop dead gorgeous – shiny and brown with a 50″ rack. He’s going to be a popular fellow this fall, that’s for sure. After he’d finished munching on the alders outside the window he headed down the driveway. It was so good to see him, I’ll even forgive him for peeing on my boat as he left. Seriously… it’s like he was raised in…

Open Thread – Brian Reads!

So, what does Brian, the official moosecot of The Mudflats read?  All of it. Everything they put in front of him. And this week, Mudflatter ThatCrowWoman put in front of him a copy of the July/August issue of Sierra Club Magazine. Inside is a nice little nod to The Mudflats! Coming shortly, another one of those pesky “nail gun attacks” on you know who.

Fun at MSNBC – Shannyn Takes Manhattan and Rachel Bites Brian?!

I got to tag along on a great trip to MSNBC the other day.  Shannyn Moore, who was my traveling companion and roomie at the Netroots Nation conference and beyond, was asked to be a guest on Countdown with Keith Olbermann while we were in the Big Apple. So off we went to the studio.  It was a huge, beautiful facility, and it was fun listening to Shannyn compare the studios in Anchorage with this one.  It was quite amazing and huge.   We posed for our photo ID at the entrance, and were escorted upstairs for a quick tour of the…

Birth Announcement (Politics Free!)

  We’ve been waiting for this day here at Mudflats Central.  Every spring, somewhere between mid-May and early June, we celebrate a new crop of baby moose!  This year is no exception.  It looks like the official Mudflats mascots, Brian and Brenda are now proud parents! Today, I decided I’d better get some weeding done in the garden.  I had only pulled up about 4 fireweed, and was wondering whether I should go get a pair of gloves to pull up all the little rose bushes that seem to have taken hold, when I heard a twig snap.  Usually it’s…