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June 15, 2021


[Video] Inside the Cancelled Trump Chicago Rally

Energizing is exactly the word I would use for the Chicago would-be Trump rally. After a petition gathering over 50,000 signatures failed to keep Trump from holding a rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the people of the city decided to take the matter in a new direction. A Facebook event RSVP’d over 11,000 people, with 20,000 more interested. There’s no love for Trump in Chicago, no question. Being such a liberal city, it couldn’t have surprised him when hundreds of protesters slipped into the stadium seats at UIC pavilion, with large concentrations in a few sections. The…

Exclusive: Inside an Ebola Quarantine

[Read Marcus DiPoala’s frontline photo-essay at TheMudflats] I got back to the U.S. from covering the Ebola outbreak in Liberia on October 19. I went because very few reporters were there, and the ones that were there were only staying for a week or so. I felt that this story was too important to not be on the ground, so I bought a plane ticket and went. On the way back, I had to go through three levels of screening, and by the time I had cleared customs at JFK International Airport in Queens, NY, I thought I was done….

BP Doubles Initial Size Estimate of Lake Michigan Oil Spill