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October 24, 2021


OMG! Liberal Palin Freak Out!

I think I heard something… That familiar grinding sound like when you’ve worn through a pair of brake shoes. Shhh… Hear that? Ah! Yes. I’ve got it. That metal on metal noise used to be Alaska’s governor. She’s managed to grab a moment in the spotlight again by… wait for it… saying dumb stuff. Shocking. After the last election cycle in which her party was soundly thrashed, she lost her one remaining claim to anything remotely serious. She’s now no longer the immediate past Republican Vice Presidential nominee. That embarrassing mantle is now worn by Congressman Paul Ryan. That makes…

Happy Birthday, Sarah! Surpriiiiise!

OK, everyone. Hide behind the couch! Shhhhh! Sarah’s coming! It’s her birthday, and we’re going to give her a little surprise. This is going to be awesome! She’ll never suspect. (I clamp my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing in anticipation of the shock that is about to ensue) This is the last thing in the world she’ll see coming.  Here. Here’s the note that explains everything! (I shove a crumpled email printout into your hand and tell you my comments will be in red) I’m writing today in hopes that you will take just one minute right…