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September 27, 2021


For Good or Bad, Juneau Still Represents You

Well, my darling Alaskans, we’ve made it through the holiday season and now a real cause for celebration is upon us – the 2017 legislative session! I know, after so many “special sessions” it’s hard to really feel like this one will be special without the title, but we can all hope. I’m encouraged by the newly formed House bipartisan coalition. You know, the grown-ups in Juneau, working together to work for all of us. What a concept. In reading through the prefiled bills, I’m reminded of the old quote about paving roads with good intentions. Truth be told, with…

Joe Miller – the Junior DeMint

At the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce’s Senate Candidate Forum last week, each candidate was asked which sitting senator they most admired. Lisa Murkowski started talking about Ted Stevens, and then acknowledged that he was no longer a sitting senator. Then she mentioned Carper from Delaware and Bingaman from New Mexico. They’re both Democrats. Murkowski spent a great deal of time talking about how she worked across the aisle and how she respected and admired these Democrats and that they worked well together. Scott McAdams mentioned that he admired John Tester and felt a connection with him because both he and…