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September 27, 2021


LIVE BLOG: The FINAL (Ever?) Presidential Debate

So here we go. The final debate of this insane election year. All times are Eastern. 9:03: Apologies, we’re watching on Fox, as that’s who’s moderating. 9:05 ¬†– Chris Wallace is live in Las Vegas… because what better city to decide our democracy. Hillary’s rocking a white pantsuit and Trump is shockingly wearing a suit. 9:06 – Question is on supreme court and the constitution. This should be fun. Hillary: SCOTUS needs to stand up for the people, women and against Citizen’s United. Not reverse marriage equality… Supreme court should represent all of us. She asks the Senate to confirm…

Fan Prevents FL. Governor Debate

There was a very Palin-Esque moment of absurdity at the Florida Gubernatorial¬†debate Wednesday night. Governor Rick Scott (R) refused to take the stage to debate Fmr. Governor Charlie Crist (D) due to a fan. We’re not talking about some crazy obsessed fan, we’re talking about the kind of fan that you buy at Costco. Just watch. Prevent your head from oscillating back and forth violently otherwise you won’t be able to view the full absurdity of this moment.