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February 1, 2023


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Monday, March 21, 2022

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Open Thread – The Victim Chronicles

Bless the Mudflats Art Department. Just when you need the brilliance of the inimitable Flyinureye, there he is with another work, suitable for framing. But don’t put the glass over it or the darts will bounce. I know we all appreciate this one in an extra special way, since we are still in the process of … blogging that dang book. Only two chapters left, so I think we’ll be able to wrap that sucker up this weekend. Won’t that feel good?

Open Thread – Sarah Palin Book Title 2nd Place Winner!

The Mudflats graphics guru, Flyinureye, has come up with the #2 Sarah Palin book title winner!  Remember back when we had the Sarah Palin book naming contest?  Well, this title got the second most votes, and was submitted by Mudflatter Obamanos.  Enjoy!

Bronze Medal Sarah Palin Book Naming Contest Winner – A Visual!

Like so many of us, Flyinureye, the Mudflats graphics guru, has been playing out in the sun a lot this summer.  Lucky for us there’s been a rainy spell in his neck of the woods!  So…Taa-daa!  Here’s the bronze medal book title winner from our “Name Sarah Palin’s Book” contest, in visual form.  Others will come.  This book title submission was from PepperzMom.  Thanks Flyinureye!  You are the master.

A Party’s a Party, No Matter How Small.

Oh, don’t we love the drive by cleverness of flyinureye?   I always do a little happy dance when my inbox has a special treat from the Mudflats Graphics Department. Apparently the only one who thinks Palin and her magic branding iron can turn this shrinking elephant into something other than….a shrinking elephant, is Rush Limbaugh. Discussing the Republican listening tour conducted by Former Governors Jeb Bush (FL) and Mitt Romney (MA), and House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said yesterday that they are “embarrassed” by Sarah Palin. Alaskan progressives, perhaps, have never actually identified with Jeb…