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January 18, 2022



Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Ex-Palin lawyer reported source of Gosar’s ‘most toxic’ media -

Friday, November 19, 2021

McConnell/Trump Alaska Cage Match -

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Taking a Break From the News

The last thing you want to wake up and see on Christmas morning, even more than a hunk of coal in your stocking, is the news. Let’s take a break, shall we? I mean, I’ve been writing this column for seven Christmases now, and I think we know each other well enough to share a piece of coffee cake, or gingerbread pancakes and have these things be free of politics. (Are these pancakes GMO free? Is this maple syrup sustainably harvested from gay family-owned trees? Is this coffee cake made with fair trade coffee? Let’s leave these questions behind for…

The Mudflats Holiday Guide

The chaos of Black Friday has passed. The quiet insanity of Cyber Monday has gone by without incident. Now we are officially into the Holiday season, so start looking for the perfect tree, light the first candle on that Menorah and check out this short list of must have Alaska gifts. Some of them are tax deductible, some of them benefit us at the Mudflats but all of them one way or another support Alaska.  1) For just $50 you can get our favorite hoodie and a membership to Cook Inletkeeper! It’s a fantastic gift and includes shipping to where ever you…

Video: Dealing With Your Relatives

This week is all about spending time with family, sharing gifts and unfortunately talking to your relatives. That’s why the crew at Lady Parts Justice created this video filled some of the things that the right wing of your family might gas on about. (do people still say ‘gas on’?) Luckily – we have the internet – so you don’t need to spend the holidays alone – please share your  holiday horror stories on twitter and instagram with the hashtag #LPJHolidayHell and follow @LadyPJustice on twitter.

Time to End Columbus Day

Kid’s love Columbus Day. It’s a day off for no reason – there’s no holiday to really celebrate – no uncomfortable suits to wear at church or awkward family gatherings. Just a day off. The parent may go shopping, but that’s really about it… worst case scenario you end the day with a new TV, or a couch. We were taught that Columbus Day celebrates a great explorer, someone that fought against the group think that the earth was flat. And that he actually discovered something new. When in actuality his discovery of ‘the America’s’ is like me ‘discovering’ that…