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October 25, 2021


Five Past Anchorage Mayors Show Support For One Anchorage — Help Mudflats Do The Same!

Friday, there was a press conference at which five former mayors of Anchorage pledged their support to the One Anchorage Voter Initiative–one that will provide the same legal protections to gay and transgender folks in employment, housing, finances and business that other folks already receive. Per the press release: The bipartisan group consists of: US Senator Mark Begich; former Alaska Governor Tony Knowles; former Mayor Rick Mystrom; former Mayor Jack Roderick, and former Mayor Matt Claman. “Across the nation, you see more and more communities passing similar laws because it’s the right thing to do,” said Senator Begich. “I am…

Extremist Lies — Why One Anchorage Needs Volunteers to Spread the Truth!

by Linda Kellen Biegel When “One Anchorage” was preparing to file their now-successful petition with the city to place their initiative on the April 3rd ballot, most supporters and those experienced with similar campaigns agreed that it would be very difficult to provide a rational argument against the initiative itself. As it states on the website: “The One Anchorage Initiative simply provides to gay and transgender Alaskans the same legal protections that we already provide to other persons in Anchorage in employment, financial practices, housing, and restaurants, department stores and other businesses.” In other words, to fight against the language…

Open Thread – Saturday Drive-Thru for Equality!

You might remember that in September, a coalition of organizations launched the One Anchorage Campaign: The One Anchorage campaign filed an application this morning with the Anchorage Municipal Clerk’s Office to place an initiative on the April 2012 ballot asking voters to include lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Alaskans in the same legal protections already provided to women and minorities in employment, housing, and public businesses. Arliss Sturgulewski, a former state senator and Republican gubernatorial candidate is the Initiative Sponsor and Co-Chair of the One Anchorage Campaign. Former Alaska Gov. Tony Knowles is the Alternate Sponsor and campaign Co-Chair….

MUDFLIX: Gay Barbarians at the Gate – Marcus Bachmann as First Dude

  In this clip, Keith Olbermann talks to Ken Vogel of Politico about the potential trainwreck, or elevation of the Bachmann campaign. With the less than inspiring, less than electable GOP lineup, Michele Bachmann is actually rising in the polls. What kind of “First Dude” would this oft-compared to Sarah Palin potential candidate bring to the White House? Marcus Bachmann, a Christian counselor hasn’t been bashful about his social conservative opinions. Last we checked, he referred to gays as “barbarians.”  Nothing like reaching out to 10% of the population. But, clearly, it’s not the 10% that they are concerned with….

Pride Weekend – Joy and Sadness

  ~The Empire State Building in rainbow colors last night to celebrate marriage equality   I, like many Americans, sat last night riveted, watching the New York State Senate debate and vote on a bill for Marriage Equality. I watched while Senator Ruben Diaz monopolized the floor talking about how his rights were being violated by having to stick to a 2 minute time period for comment. He wanted to make sure he had three times the time of anyone else to talk about how God had already made the decision about gay marriage, and it wasn’t Albany’s place to…