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June 19, 2021


Dan and the Bear – A Play in One Act

Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan is an idiot. I know this is not news to you, but sometimes it feels good to say something even though it doesn’t need to be said. He’s done lots of idiotic things, but here’s the latest. There’s been a bear mauling on the Rover’s Run trail in Far North Bicentennial Park.  A bicycle commuter was attacked and injured.  It’s a horrible thing that seems to happen too frequently.   Salmon are in the stream, mother grizzlies are protective of new cubs, and this… is Alaska. Bears are a fact of life, and love them or…

Ordinance 64 – Live Blogging, Round V

Yes, boys and girls… it’s time for Red Shirt Theatre, Act V. The Non-Discrimination Ordinance public testimony continues. The link for live streaming the Anchorage Assembly Meeting is HERE. Use this thread to live blog the meeting if you feel so inclined. Public testimony will be given regarding Ordinance 64, which extends Anchorage’s non-discrimination policy to include the words “sexual orientation.” The red shirt brigade are an organized crowd from several local area evangelical churches. This will be the second round of public testimony in front of new Mayor Dan Sullivan. Recent polling suggests that the ordinance has very good…