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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

We haven’t heard much about Palin’s Wisconsin Visit — Here’s Why

In the Palinista blogosphere, there was much hullaballoo leading up to Sarah Palin’s day-after-tax-day speech at a American’s For Prosperity (Koch Brothers) rally in Madison, Wisconsin. The April 16th event was billed by her supporters as “history in the making,” “courageous,” “this will be one for the books.” One commenter talked about needing “overpowering numbers” so that “the union boys just fold their tents and go home.” Reality? Not so much… Per the non-partisan PR Watch: THE BADGERS DROWN OUT THE MAMA GRIZZLIES The wet snow and tense atmosphere did not deter thousands of people from coming to the capitol…

Blue Texas in Obama v. Palin Matchup?

There is a debate raging up here in the Great Land. And it goes something like this: Position A – We do NOT want Palin as the GOP nominee. No way, no how. We’ve suffered through more Sarah Palin than anyone, and we’ve seen the super scary morphing from affable, anti-corruption “fresh face” bipartisan ethics champion to shrieking, self-serving, rabid Tea Party ideologue. And thanks, but no thanks. As improbable as it may seem that she’d actually win, look what has happened in the past in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. To use some violent political metaphor in honor…

Next Stop 2012? Where Will Palin Make the Announcement?

When we last left AKM and Legal Eagle, they were deep into a glass of wine, sitting at the Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin Exploit-a-Palooza to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Lights down, and first up is Sarah Palin. “Let me ask you first Alaska, do you loooove your freedom?” Hey… didn’t I just hear that a couple hours ago at the 9/11 rally at the Wasilla Sports Complex?  Yes, I did.  These Alaskans also apparently love their freedom too.  You’d think after how much she asked she’d figure out that everyone pretty much loves their freedom.  But, whatever….

Mudflats Theater! I’m Ready for My Close-up Now…

This is great!  You all are in for a real treat.   OK, I’ll wait while you grab your Jiffy-Pop. (time passes, we pop corn, and settle in) This is the funniest thing to happen since the “fugus” comment. Only this time, it’s an actual 5-minute YouTube video!  The first time I saw it,  I was on a computer without sound and I watched, riveted, just reading the text.  I wasn’t getting a complete picture by any means, but by the time the thing was done I was howling with laughter and I couldn’t wait to hear it so I…

Palin’s Approval Rating Crashes. When Does the Burning Start?

After the last six weeks of watching the Palin train cars derail one by one, in what can only be described as agonizing political slow motion, we’ve been waiting with curiosity to see what would happen when the latest Hays Research poll came out.  The last poll numbers we had showed Palin’s approval rating at 59.8% (sum of very favorable and favorable ratings) and her approval index (very favorable minus very unfavorable) at +14. Bear in mind that at one point, before people started paying attention, her approval rating hovered a hair under 80% and her approval index was an…