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October 26, 2021


Palin Says “I Can Win.”

It appears as though Newsweek has yet another traumatic Sarah Palin cover ready to hit the stands. One, as you may recall had her in a calendar girl pose, in running shorts demonstrating her mastery of flag etiquette by leaning on the flag as it lay draped over a bar stool. Then there was the ultra unretouched closeup, showcasing pores and facial hair. Palin fans did not like that one at all. And now here’s one with Wasilla gym clothes, and a ginormous watch that has seemingly replaced her wedding ring as the adornment du jour. But that’s not the…

Palin Desecrates Flag. Again.

Desecrate the flag once, shame on you! Desecrate the flag twice? Shame on you also, too. Yes, Sarah Palin has taken her big honkin’ Sharpie marker and yes…. autographed a FLAG. The Stars and Stripes is now the Stars, Stripes, and Sarah Scrawls. For supposed uber-patriots, I don’t know whether to be more surprised that someone actually asked her to sign a flag, or that she actually DID. You can see the spectacle at about 1:31 in the clip. This whole flag desecration thing is getting to be quite the persistent metaphor for the entire Palin impression on the nation’s…