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August 3, 2021


Secret Mormon fascist outed in the Department of Law? -

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Alaska GOP Goes Full Cannibal -

Friday, July 16, 2021

Shenanigans & a Secret Stalker! -

Friday, July 9, 2021

Palin Pulls a Palin… again.

~Palin in the headlights at the MSNBC after party So, who is the most influential journalist in America today?  Not an easy question, perhaps. It’s one that requires some knowledge of who the journalists today are. And if you’re on camera, and a politico or media type, it might also require a little diplomatic forethought.  And if you decided that you didn’t want to answer the question for fear of alienating all the journalists you don’t mention, it might require some fast-on-your-feet poise as you gracefully deflect the question with a bit of humor subtly indicating that you don’t want…

Palin Cancels Friday Night Date With Dog Barbecueing Jew Counter.

You know….sometimes when I type headlines, I really really wish they weren’t true.  I cannot emphasize enough how much that is the case in this instance.  No matter how much I bang my head on the desk, this guy just won’t go away.  First let me start with a disclaimer. Perhaps I should have said “former dog barbecueing  jew counter” because those things happened a long time ago.  So, you know… if you’re inclined, you can just move beyond that fact and let bygones be bygones.  Hey, we all did crazy stuff in our youth.  I’m sure there are many former dog…