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October 27, 2021


You Don’t Know What Liberal Means

  I get lots of e-mails from Jenny. She’s always asking for money. There’s always some looming threat from “LIBERALISM!” or “LEFTISTS.” Which is weird, since as a leftist and a liberal, I feel like there’s always a looming threat from CONSERVATISM and FASCISTS. Now I’m not Tea Party Patriots founder Jenny Beth Martin’s equal. She’s the head of an enormous organization with hundreds of thousands of members and millions of dollars. Her group sways national elections. I’m just a journalist who notices things. From the e-mail above she writes: “[Obama] has unions, leftist legal groups, and every liberal lobbying organization…

Shannyn Moore Show – The Pope vs. Rush Limbaugh and more

Tonights show we discuss a Pebble Mine Presentation, Mike Huckabee’s Hero and Rush Limbaugh has a fight with the Pope. Pebble: It’s About People – Peeble Mine Powerpoint Presentation (check out slide 2) Mike Huckabee labels Lara Logan a ‘hero journalist’ for discredited Benghazi report Sorry, Pope Francis: Reproductive justice and LGBTQ rights are economic issues, too Rush Lashes Out At The Pope Over Critique Of Inequality New Politics Progressive Podcasts with The Shannyn Moore Show on BlogTalkRadio