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September 26, 2021


A Night At the Races – Memorial Night for Kevin Ward Jr. [Photos]

Both my cousin and my uncle have been racing for years. My cousin holds world records in micro racing. The ‘Reuter’ name [my family name on my mothers side] is known throughout racing circles in Upstate New York… but somehow I had never actually photographed a race. Last month when Kevin Ward Jr. was killed by Tony Stewart on the track at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park, a local raceway had a memorial night in his honor. The accident made national sporting news as Tony Stewart is a professional NASCAR driver and the accident (so far, that’s what it has been…

Open Thread: Alaska Girls

A friend sent me this intriguing movie poster the other day. Which of course meant that I had to find out about this movie, it looks fantastic. Unfortunately after spending far too long investigating I came up with no such film. There was a film called “Dragstrip Girls” staring Fay Spain who IMDB describes as “your typical B-movie drive-in bad girl – sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette, always bodacious.” After doing a reverse image search I found the awesome movie poster below, which someone photoshopped.¬†Also, the fantastic sounding trailer… which I think we need to do a remake of.