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October 26, 2021


Around the Lens Podcast 14 – We Enter The Time Machine

This week’s show featured photojournalists Stacy Pearsall and Ben Weller. We spoke about the recent controversial Valentino ad campaign featuring photography by renowned photographer Steve McCurry. During our Gear Talk segment we discussed the new Canon 80D and its new lens which features a power zoom add on. Then we took a theoretical time machine and gave younger selves career advice. Finally, we took a Reddit question about photojournalism and discussed how we overcome visual blocks. Picks of the Week: Stacy promoted a model release app for the iPhone and Nikon action cameras. Ben promoted the pants he likes to wear while…

Around The Lens Podcast – Photography, News and more

It’s not often that you hear from the people that make the photos and video that go along with the news stories that you read. Photojournalists are a relatively silent group, usually loners (like me) who drop in take their shots and get out to file with their news organization as soon as possible. The few times you even read what we’re thinking come in the form of one or two sentence captions at the bottom of photos. We never get invited on talk shows to get asked how we feel, or what we saw… even though we’re usually the…