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September 19, 2021

Mudflats on Wall Street (Video of Arrests at Protest)

The Mudflats’ New York Bureau Chief, Zach Roberts, has been doing an outstanding  job covering the movement known as Occupy Wall Street. He has been our boots on the ground since the protests began, recently putting himself in harm’s way to expose the latest happenings. We’ve posted his photos before, but his current shots, and some outstanding video footage show a decidedly different mood than his earlier coverage. The following videos show some of the arrests that happened Wednesday night in the Wall Street area.   A quick email from Zach said: People need to see this stuff…  They threw…

Open Thread – Wall Street Occupation Continues (PHOTOS)

Zach Roberts, our NY Bureau Chief has been providing ongoing coverage of the Wall Street occupation. The mainstream media is all but ignoring the demonstrations, so the photographic and video record of this event will have particular historical significance. Zach’s photos have been picked up by more than one of the very limited outlets who have had some amount of coverage on the subject.

Photos from Wall Street

On September 17, hundreds of protestors descended on lower Manhattan to publicly denounce the nation’s current financial system. The demonstration’s organizers plan to continue occupying the area around Wall Street for weeks or even months—however long it takes to change a system they say benefits the rich and powerful at the expense of middle-class and poor Americans. We’ll be following the protests and will continue to update the following stream with the latest images from the center of the financial world. The Mudflats’ New York Bureau Chief and photojournalist Zach Roberts is in New York City, and has been covering…