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September 27, 2021


Postmortem: Wisconsin, Obama & Elections

Did not the heavenly rhetoric of thine eye, ‘Gainst whom the world cannot hold argument, Persuade my heart to this false perjury? —”Love’s Labour’s Lost,” William Shakespeare Madison, WI—Was it the money? Was it a weak candidate? Was it the President’s and DNC’s indifference? With Karl Rove and national Republicans dancing in the end zone, the soul searching and recriminations among Wisconsin progressives are now in full swing. The bulk of national commentary—including from generally sympathetic outlets like MSNBC and the NY Times—has generally been useless. And since we can have for more impact on what we do than on…

Voices from the Flats – Things We Do for Free

Things We Do for Free: An Open Letter to Russ Feingold Dear Russ, Today is the 60th and final day of signature collection in the effort to recall Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch. This day marks a milestone in a historic victory for all of us, and for me personally in a huge way. I’m a United Wisconsin coordinator for Dane County and a grassroots organizer for the Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition (SPARC), a local progressive group. And I just finished the hardest political work I’ve ever done or thought I’d do. Yesterday was the final day of signature…

Open Thread – Wisconsin Heroes!

We couldn’t be prouder of Mudflats contributor and big scary Alaskan “union thug” Ryan Marquis of Kenai. Here he is with newly elected Senator Jennifer Schilling (D) in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Ryan was one of many Alaskans who have helped out on the ground in Wisconsin this year, proving that there’s nothing like boots on the ground to make a real difference. Ryan spent his birthday, flying home from his second deployment to the Badger State. Welcome home, happy birthday, and congrats on the victory in District 32!”