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June 15, 2021


VITAMIN DEMOCRACY! Alaska’s Salmon Need You!

You may think Governor Sean Parnell plays lap dog to oil industry – and you’d be right. He does answer to more than one master. The Miami Mob, the cruise ship industry whistles and he comes running. SB29 and HB80 are the governor’s sweetheart deal to cruise ship industry. You may remember we Alaskans, through a ballot initiative, raised standards on cruise ship water dumping and implemented a head tax several years ago. The governor rolled that back saying visitors to our great state were going to cross a cruise to Alaska off their bucket list because of a $50…

More Than a Million Wisconsinites Want to Quit Scott Walker

More than a million signatures (that’s 3,000 pounds worth) were gathered and delivered today to ensure that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker would face a recall election later in the year. That’s what happens when you push policies that effectively eliminate most collective bargaining rights for many public employees. Just to play it safe organizers overshot the number of required signatures by about 460,000. There’s nothing like making an unambiguous statement. Also targeted were Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, and a handful of Republican legislators, all well-exceeding the number of signatures required to generate a recall election. Kelly Steele, a strategist for…